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The Grange Farm School has embarked on the goal of "educating the whole farmer" in sustainable agriculture -- sustainable environmentally, economically, and socially.  Our efforts wouldn't be possible without generous contributions from people like you.  We have already received many donations of materials, tools, equipment, and funds.  Please consider a donation now, you can even pledge a monthly donation. Your tax deductible contribution can be made through North Coast Opportunities, Inc., a 501(c)3. 

Guest Lecturers

Have an area of expertise that you want to share? We offer a comprehensive curriculum and appreciate diverse perspectives from guest lecturers in a wide variety of fields. If you or someone you know is able to give a seminar or workshop related to their skill, please contact us today.

Field Trips

We love to host field trips at the Grange Farm School. If your group is interested in coordinating a field trip, either as a tour or workshop, please contact us today.

Use the PayPal button above to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, or

Write a check to NCO/Grange Farm School and mail to:

Grange Farm School
291 School St.,
Willits, CA 95490

Sponsor a Student

Is there an aspiring farmer in your grange? Send an aspiring farmer to Farm School. Granges are encouraged to help out by sponsoring a local student.  When this student returns to their home Grange they can pass on all they have learned, start a farm, and increase food security in your community. Practicum Student spaces are open for 2016. 

Newsletter Sign-Up

CLICK HERE to sign-up for our monthly newsletter where we share our current projects and upcoming events and workshops. 

Farm Fresh Food Drive

Here in Mendocino County, there are many around us who struggle every day to feed their families. You can help the Grange Farm School provide food for the disadvantaged in our communities. We'll devote a portion of our vegetable and fruit production to local food distribution organizations serving those less fortunate than us! Your donation supports the operating costs of our educational program while providing nourishment for our community.

We are currently moving our donation efforts to focus on the victims of the recent Valley Fire tragedy! To help us donate some of our Farm School produce to those in need, visit our campaign here

A donation of $50 will sponsor a 10 square foot plot, $100 will sponsor a 20 square foot plot, $250 will sponsor a 50 square foot plot and $500 will sponsor a 100 square foot plot. Our growing methods optimize production so that multiple harvests are possible throughout the season. For example, a 100 square foot plot could produce 45 pounds of onions, 25 pounds of tomatoes, and 30 pounds of winter squash!

Join us in this campaign to raise funds to support the operations of the Grange Farm School while providing food to organizations like PlowShares, Mendocino County Food Banks, Senior Centers, and more.

Donation Wish List

Farm Equipment :    

Pick-up truck 

Stainless steel sink and table                                  

6 ft. fencing                                                                     


Garden carts

Shovels, rakes, hoes, hand tools

Garden hoses

Totes and buckets

Professional tiller and implements

Small trailers

Quad/ATV, trailer for ATV

Electric fence charger

Travel trailer to convert to chicken coop

Irrigation supplies

Wood Chipper

Harvest Crates

Wash Tubs

Building Materials

Metal roofing

Polycarbonate roofing




Chest freezer

Gas range, 4-6 burners

Office Supplies

Photo copier

Book shelves

White boards

Chalk boards


Filing cabinets

Clip Boards

White board markers

If you have any of the above items and would like to donate, please contact to arrange a pickup time. We are so grateful for all donations, Thank You from the Grange Farm School Team!


Small electric generator



Hand tools (hammer, chisel etc.)

Impact driver, drills

Reciprocal saw

Tape measures


Shop Vacuum

Air compressor

Pneumatic Carpenter’s tools

Portable table saw


Hearing protection

Safety goggles



Wall tent, teepee, yurt

Solar hot water heater

Kitchen Equipment: Dishes, glasses, knives, cutlery

Water bath canner and jars

Pots and Pans

Baking ware

Food storage/Tupperware


Dormitory furniture (dressers, desks, single beds and mattresses)

Folding tables

Dining table and chairs

Desk for office

Book shelves

Small wood burning stove

Floor lamps

Rugs or carpets

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